Cambodian Journalists Alliance Association

About Us


On Feb. 16, 2019, more than 20 professional journalists from different media organizations held a meeting to discuss the media situation in Cambodia. They shared their experiences about the issues facing journalists in the country, and agreed to form a new journalists network. Fifteen of them agreed to become board members. The board has met weekly since, and voted to name the new network the Cambodian Journalists Alliance, or CamboJA for short. CamboJA has a board director, two deputy directors and 12 other board members.

The board submitted documents to the Information Ministry for an association license on June 25, 2019, and received the license on Sept. 9, 2019.

CamboJA has also established a English news website called

CamboJA News will provide accurate news to people in Cambodia and the world, aiming to restore independent media in Cambodia.


CamboJA wants journalists to have complete freedom to fulfill the demands of their profession.

CamboJA envisions Cambodian journalists as being professional and able to exercise their duty to report freely, safely, securely and without censorship or pressure from any party or because of their living conditions or their family and social status. Their professional work should build trust among people through their articles, which should promote the public interest and push for social justice, finding solutions and provoking responses from responsible stakeholders to the concerns raised by people. Professional journalists should benefit from their careers, earning appreciation and building their reputations. We believe that professional journalists are a national resource who can contribute to major achievements and compile documents that will be used as a historical record in the future.


CamboJA promotes press freedom, strengthens journalists’ professionalism, offers means of support to journalists, provides credible and in-depth information, and protects journalists.

Core Values

CamboJA has been established according to the following values:

  • Professionalism: This is one of CamboJA’s primary tenets. Our work is based on professionalism, journalistic skills and a code of ethics. We work without fear or favor.
  • Integrity: We stand for integrity. Integrity, transparency, credibility, fairness and reporting the truth are our foundations.
  • Freedom: We stand for the fundamental freedom of expression, particularly press freedom. We support all journalists to exercise their freedoms that are guaranteed by national and international laws. CamboJA does not support any action that leads to the narrowing of press freedom.
  • Responsibility: CamboJA is responsible for all of its actions under Cambodian laws, particularly in relation to its publications, content and activities.
  • Gender Equity: CamboJA promotes women’s participation in journalism. CamboJA is open to the active participation of women journalists at all levels.