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A Global Green truck loaded with iron ore passes through Rik Reay commune, kicking up dust, September 17, 2023. (CamboJA/Andrew Califf)

Fast and Ferrous: Mine’s Rapid Exportation of Iron Takes Toll on Infrastructure

Rovieng, Preah Vihear – Before 10:30 a.m. on a cloudy Sunday morning between 20-30 hulking trucks gather in formation, ready to make a mad dash to a multipurpose port in Kampong Chhnang. Drivers lounge in their cabs, waiting for excavators and steam rollers to clear mud from the trail, and say they are hauling iron ore mined by Global Green Energy Development, a company with ties to sanctioned tycoon Try Pheap. The company exports iron to Vietnam by means of Try Pheap’s new multipurpose shipping port. 
Late Cheng gate currently under construction near a torn up acidic smelling stream of water, on 14 September, 2023. (CamboJA/Andrew Califf)

Expanding Gold Mine Diverts Stream in Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary

Snang An, Kampong Thom – Dead fish and black water ran through the Por Roung river last year due to contamination upstream from an industrial Chinese-owned  mine, residents of Snang An village say. They brought their concerns to provincial authorities and were themselves blamed for the pollution.  
Although larger than the Indochinese tigers that used to live in Cambodia, Bengal tigers such as this one in India’s Ranthambore National Park are the most likely candidates to fly to Cambodia given India’s successful tiger conservation efforts. (Andrew Califf)

Condition of Indochinese Leopard Casts Shadow Over Tiger Reintroduction Efforts

A report published in June this year concluded Indochinese leopards are functionally extinct in Cambodia after camera traps failed to capture a single image of them in 2021. Between 2009 and 2019, a total of 35 animals were recorded by camera traps according to research by Panthera and Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) published in Biological Conservation.