Nine years after violent eviction, former Borei Keila residents still struggle

Chey Sopheak, a former resident of Borei Keila, carries her child near her Sras Por village home in February 2021. Her hair is short because she sold it to pay for medical treatment. CamboJA/ Pring Samrang

Late last year, Chey Sopheak’s two-year-old daughter fell ill. Struggling to scrape together enough money for the medical fees, Sopheak, 24, sold her hair for $20 — the third time she had done so in recent years.

Borei Keila residents held at district office during demolition

Borey Keila

Phnom Penh authorities on Monday started to demolish a building in the controversial Borey Keila neighborhood as 13 residents were detained in the Prampi Makara district office.