Floating communities receive COVID-19 vaccines after Phnom Penh evictions

The floating homes of mostly ethnic Vietnamese residents evicted from Phnom Penh were blocked in the Mekong at Kandal province’s Leouk Dek district on the Cambodia-Vietnam border, Picture taken on June 28, 2021. CamboJA/ Pring Samrang

Roughly 170 of the largely ethnic Vietnamese people who were evicted from their floating homes in Phnom Penh to Kandal province’s Loeuk Dek district have now been vaccinated against COVID-19. The Association of Khmer-Vietnamese in Cambodia has estimated that about half of the ethnic Vietnamese living in Cambodia had been vaccinated.

Phnom Penh authorities begin tearing down floating communities

Phnom Penh's Russei Keo district authorities start removing floating houses on the Tonle Sap river, June 12, 2021. CamboJA/ Pring Samrang

Deputy Phnom Penh governor Keut Chhe said on Friday that the people living in floating houses had generally cooperated with the municipality’s decision to remove what it described as illegal residences on the river. He told CamboJA that households managing fish farms would be allowed to stay on the border between Prek Pnov district and Kandal province on the edge of Phnom Penh until their fish were old enough to be sold.