Garment industry minimum wage raised by $2 for 2021

The government decided to increase the minimum wage for garment and footwear industry workers by $2 to $192 per month for 2021, a decision that has left unions and employers dissatisfied after the two parties failed to come to an agreement in talks that ended September 10. The National Council on Minimum Wage (NCMW) approved […]

Talks to set garment industry minimum wage begin

The first three-party meeting to set the minimum wage for garment and footwear industry workers for 2021 was held September 3, with employer representatives seemingly looking to avoid a raise due to economic struggles in the wake of Covd-19, and unions proposing a nearly $12 increase.

Unions appeal for minimum wage talks to proceed as scheduled

Garment factory unions and workers have called on the government to adhere to its schedule to negotiate a minimum wage increase for workers this year after the garment industry’s representative group released a statement calling for annual wage negotiations to be delayed.

Garment factories lobby for savings to make up for rising wages

Garment manufacturers this week lobbied for more cost-saving policies to offset the rise in the sector’s minimum wage.

Workers, industry call for greater urgency on garment sector’s traffic deaths


Twenty-four garment factory workers were killed on the roads in the first half of the year and nearly 1,000 injured — an issue that should be tackled with as much attention as given to annual minimum wage increases, workers, unions and employers said.