Amid pandemic, some pregnant women struggle to get adequate care

A pregnant woman leaves a clinic after medical check up in Phnom Penh, July 21, 2021. CamboJA/ Panha Chhorpoan

With coronavirus cases continuing to spread in Cambodia, some pregnant women say they are concerned about whether they will be able to give birth safely in hospitals, while others say they can’t afford the costs of mandatory COVID tests.

Cambodia donates to Myanmar’s military junta to contain the COVID-19 pandemic

A man walks in font of the Myanmar Embassy in Phnom Penh, August 17, 2021. CamboJA/ Pring Samrang

The Cambodian government said it will donate $200,000 along with medical equipment to Myanmar’s military junta to aid efforts to contain the pandemic.

Farmers face price crunch as COVID-19 pandemic bites rural livelihoods

A man packages rice after a harvest in Kandal province. Photo take February 2015. CamboJA/ Pring Samrang

“I rely mostly on my wife who works in a factory to pay off bank debts. My wife’s salary is only enough to repay the loan,” San said. “I have not asked the bank for a delay because I am afraid the bank will not lend to me someday later when I need a new loan.”

Farmers struggle to repay debt as pandemic wreaks havoc on agricultural costs

Farmers plant rice in a paddy field in Kampong Chhnag province. Picture taken on August 2016. CamboJA/ Pring Samrang

With the pandemic continuing to impact production costs, smallholder farmers say they are struggling to repay debt to banks and microfinance institutions, and pulling their children out of school to make ends meet.

Experts fear child marriage on the rise in Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri amid COVID-19 pandemic

A Bunong wedding ceremony held in Mondulkiri on February 2019. Hungkry Syphon

Last year, at the age of 17, Khea Sreyleak dropped out of her school in Mondulkiri’s O’Raing district to marry a 24-year-old neighbor — a member of her small Bunong community. She became a mother within a year and spends most of her day caring for her infant and family.