Government says activists have no right to ‘interfere’ in border affairs

A government spokesman has said that nongovernmental organizations and activists have no right to interfere in the nation’s border affairs after union leader Rong Chhun’s arrest on July 31 led to calls from civil society groups and his supporters that he be freed.

Police warn Rong Chhun’s supporters to cease protests

Phnom Penh Municipal police warned a group of Rong Chhun’s supporters on August 3 that they would face legal action if they continued to protest to demand the release of the union leader, who was charged days before for distorting information regarding the country’s border.

Rong Chhun charged with incitement over border comments

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court has charged outspoken union leader Rong Chhun for incitement to commit a felony over comments he made about demarcation border posts between Cambodia and Vietnam, which the government has said is disinformation.

Ex-RFA reporters caught between freedom and politics

Yeang Sothearin says he has becomes a “hostage” to politics: His court case won’t end as long as his former employer, Radio Free Asia, keeps up its critical coverage of the government, he believes.

Court date for RFA journalists’ verdict announced

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court will announce on August 30 its verdict against two Radio Free Asia journalists charged with espionage, it said this morning.