Behind one young woman’s fight against illegal logging

Met Malen patrols the forest and protects natural resources from loggers in Phnom Chreap Treyksan community, April 2020. Supplied

“We get a lot of threats from those criminals, they don’t cooperate with us,” she said. “They are not happy with us when we have arguments and remove their sawmills.”

Environmentalists question whether crackdown will reach illegal logging’s roots

Heng Sros rides his motorbike across Mondulkiri province.

Heng Sros rides his motorbike across Mondulkiri province, through the Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, to the Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary, and finally into the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary. Sros, an activist for the Cambodia Human Rights Task Force, hasn’t let up on his investigations on illegal logging, though he says his findings are consistently ignored by authorities.