RT fixer’s bail appeal heard despite sentencing

The Supreme Court on Monday heard a bail appeal for jailed translator Rath Rott Mony despite the defendant having already been sentenced in June.

Wife of RT fixer jailed over human trafficking documentary flees Cambodia and seeks asylum

The wife of a translator and fixer who was jailed for his role in making a documentary about sex trafficking said she has fled Cambodia and is applying for United Nations refugee status after being threatened with arrest.

‘The Cambodian court won’t help papa’

Her nearly 2-year-old son cries out for his father, and Long Kimheang responds: “We must be strong.” “The Cambodian court won’t help papa.” The back-and-forth has become a routine in their lives since Kimheang’s husband, Rath Rott Mony, was arrested in December, the 36-year-old told CamboJA.