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RT fixer’s bail appeal heard despite sentencing

Rath Ratt Mony request on bail today. Phana Chhorpoan

The Supreme Court on Monday heard a bail appeal for jailed translator Rath Rott Mony despite the defendant having already been sentenced in June.

Rott Mony was arrested in December last year over his role in “My Mother Sold Me,” a documentary by Moscow’s RT news service about underage sex trafficking.

His lawyers filed for bail at the time but was denied. The Appeal Court also denied a request for bail on Jan. 31, and the lawyers took the case to the Supreme Court.

Rott Mony has maintained that he was only a translator for the documentary and not responsible for its content, but was sentenced to two years in jail for incitement to discriminate.

Supreme Court prosecutor Nouv Monychot told the court on Monday that it made no sense to be discussing bail after the defendant was already sentenced to jail.

However, Rott Mony and Sam Titseyha, his lawyer, said he would abide by the court’s conditions if he was released on bail.

“I pledge that I will not flee anywhere, and I will cooperate with the authorities and the court,” he said.

Presiding Judge Khim Pon said a decision would be announced on Monday.