Minimum wage to be moved to vote after third meeting fails to find joint resolution

Garment workers leave a factory after finishing their work in Phnom Penh, September 21, 2021. CamboJA/ Panha Chhorpoan

Employers, government and union representatives will vote to set the 2022 minimum wage for garment workers on September 28, after failing to reach an agreement in three negotiation meetings.

National Assembly passes Labor Law amendments criticized by unions

Ith Samheng, Labor Minister, defends new amendments to the Labor Law at the National Assembly on September 9, 2021.National Assembly

The National Assembly passed amendments to the Labor Law on Thursday that unions and workers say will have a negative impact on garment workers.

Garment worker minimum wage talks begin, find early disagreement

Garment workers leave a factory after finished their work on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Picture taken on August 18, 2021. CamboJA/ Panha Chhorpoan

As the first day of a three-way negotiation of the minimum wage for Cambodian garment workers, union and industry representatives have reached an early disagreement on the prospect of a wage increase for 2022.

Unions negotiate for $22.20 increase to minimum wage for 2022

Union leaders meet to discuss the garment factory minimum wage ahead of a three-party negotiation in Phnom Penh. Photo taken September 6, 2021. CamboJA/ Panha Chhorpoan

Union representatives are urging an increase of $22.20 to the minimum wage for 2022, following renewed growth in exports of garment and footwear showing apparent recovery from the shocks of the pandemic on industry.

Unions, government, factories prepare for minimum wage negotiations

Ath Thorn, president of the Cambodian Labor Confederation speaks to workers during the Labor Day celebration in Phnom Penh, Picture taken on May 1, 2019. CamboJA/ Pring Samrang

Minimum wage negotiations for garment and footwear workers for 2022 will go ahead, officials said, in spite of economic challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic.