With refinery delayed, 100% of Cambodia’s crude oil to be exported

A worker pours gasoline into a customer’s motorbike at a gas station in Phnom Penh. Panha Chhorpoan

The price of gasoline in Cambodia will not decrease following the country’s ascent to the list of oil-producing nations last month, with 100% of the crude to be exported overseas as construction of an oil refinery remains stalled, officials said.

Tax collections rise in 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic

Tax Department statistics showed a modest 4 percent rise in revenue last year, but experts say the pandemic would affect this year’s tax collection. Panha Chhorpoan

Cambodia continued to increase its tax collections in 2020, with revenues rising a modest 4 percent, on account of strong business activity in 2019, a trend that could falter in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Kampong Chhnang families decry building of weigh station across their land

People affected by construction of a roadside weigh station in Kampong Chhnang province speak with authorities after blocking contractors sent to demarcate the site on January 8. Supplied

Thirty-four families living along National Road 5 in Kampong Chhnang province have called for the government to reconsider the building of a roadside weigh station that blocks the entrance to their homes.

U.S. delays reauthorization of GSP, tariffs now applicable on Cambodian travel goods

A woman walk pass suitcase shop in Phnom Penh on January 9, 2021. Travel goods exports will be tariffed till the U.S reauthorizes the GSP program. Panha Chhorpoan

The expiration of the United States’ generalized scheme of preference on December 31 would affect importers and buyers of Cambodia’s travel goods until its reauthorization, according to a garment manufacturing trade body.

As Chinese FDI grows, so does Cambodia’s dependency on China, say experts

The increase in Chinese investments has seen a similar rise in construction companies from China entering the country to build these infrastructure projects. Panha Chhorpoan

The Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh announced a sharp increase in foreign direct investment to the county, which observers say is a reward for Cambodia’s loyalty to its closest ally.